Digital Advertising, Differently!

We take digital advertising to new levels, by combining expertise & neural machine learning. Try our proprietary algorithms now!

Why Us?

For 3 Reasons!

Campaign Analysis

Creating a marketing campaign is the easy part. Analyzing all the data that comes with it is hard. We make it easier!

Neural Networking

Our solution provides you a similar performance of a 5 head strong digital advertising team. Only better!

Growth Scaling

Your business probably has way more digital advertising opportunities than you can detect. Let us help you find them!

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The Short Version

Digital advertising is extremely competitive and even successful campaigns have a big margin for cost reduction and improvements.

This is a time consuming job and prone to errors. We have  created a proprietary algorithm that:

  • Analyses your digital advertising performance.
  • Detects gaps in cost and income.
  • Detects new opportunities.
  • Provides Competitor Analysis.
  • Provides detailed recommendations to apply.
  • Provides future projections of how the advertising campaign will perform if recommendations are applied with detailed reporting.

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What Else?

Popular Services

With over 30 years of combined experience, there is much more we can offer

Strategy & Research

Our neural algorithm will detect growth opportunities that are hard to grasp by our brains. 

Technical SEO Audit

What the user sees is as important as what is under the hood. 

Managment & Marketing

Campaign management is the hardest part of digital advertising. Let us take over!

Media Promotion

Social media is key to a strong brand identity. It allows for growth in sales

Onsite SEO

SEO is an intricate science. We focus on user intent psychology for best success.  

Reports & Analytics

Our custom reports provide clear oversight and easy access to campaign performance information.

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Growth Opportunities

There is an average 1.92 billion digital buyers online. The trick is to detect the proper intent and persona of the buyer and create proper ads and analysis. The average user spends his day:


Hours Online


Google Searches


Hours Social Media


Hours On Mobile

Pricing Table

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  • Number Of Ads : 15
  • Landing Pages Created : 3 
  • Management Hours  : 5
  • User Behavior Analysis : Yes 
  • Competition Analysis : Yes
  • Algorithm Access : No 
  • Minimum PPC Spend : 500 USD
  • 24/7 Email Support
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  • Number Of Ads : 65
  • Landing Pages Created : 12
  • Management Hours  : 20
  • User Behavior Analysis : Yes
  • Competition Analysis : Yes
  • Algorithm Access : Yes
  • Minimum PPC Spend : 2500 USD
  • 24/7 Phone Support
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  • Number Of Ads : 35
  • Landing Pages Created : 7
  • Management Hours  : 10
  • User Behavior Analysis : Yes
  • Competition Analysis : Yes
  • Algorithm Access : No
  • Minimum PPC Spend : 1000 USD
  • 24/7 Email Support
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What’s Our Client Say

Our partnership with aiMEDIA allowed us to double our digital marketing sphere in 1 year.

Nixworks EE
Google Ads Client

We have many content marketing providers. Out of all sales generated 80% come from aiMEDIA content sites.

Linkswork APS
Content Marketing Client

After our traffic dropped by 80% during last year's Google Algorithm upgrade we thought that was it. Traffic has been growing steadily ever since we worked with aiMEDIA.

The VPN Guru
SEO Services Client